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A 2022 Season Update - May 23rd, 2022

On Monday May 23rd, 2022, the Office of the Commissioner of the Connecticut Wiffle®Ball League provided the following statement regarding the state of the 2022 CTWL Pro League season.

To read the published document, click or tap HERE.

Below is the full text version of the statement. It reads as follows:

It has been a long while since the last time one of these messages came out. On June 2nd, 2020, the world and our league were in much different times. Some two years ago we faced the challenges of not only creating and promoting a league but trying to balance it with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. But since then, things have begun to change here in the Nutmeg State. We have completed two seasons of our league, each one full of many players, teams, and memories that have helped formed the fabric of what the Connecticut Wiffle®Ball League is and can be going forward. We are so blessed to have had the support of everyone in the Wiffle® community and beyond, all of whom have been instrumental in helping us generate the opportunity to showcase some of Connecticut’s best up-and-coming Wiffle®Ball players.

After awarding the Pro League trophy back to the Shoreline Breakers last August, we have been long waiting to showcase our plans for the third season of our league’s history. With all of the offseason work, however, there was one thing missing: teams. The offseason saw the loss of two of the Clubs that were present in the 2021 season, so finding prospective teams to take their place was of a high priority. With our offseason being quiet on our social media profiles, we have been hard at work at recruiting players and teams to join us for this upcoming spring and summer. But after weeks and months of searching, the league Executive Board and myself could not come to terms with other teams to fill the vacancies. With only our two remaining Clubs still active – the Augerville Defenders and the Shoreline Breakers – there is simply not enough players to generate what we believe would be a competitive and entertaining season, both for players and fans. As a result, the Connecticut Wiffle®Ball League will be cancelling the 2022 Pro League season, effective immediately.

While we regret to share this unfortunate news, the Connecticut Wiffle®Ball League has no plans to dissolve or stop functioning as an organization. Even without us carrying out Wiffle®Ball games across the State, we are remaining committed to showcasing all the great talent and passion that goes on in other leagues and organizations throughout what we call, The Wiffle® State. We will be sure to continue some of our plans for the 2022 season, including the CT Backyard Wiffle® Showcase series, the CT Wiffs Review, and many more initiatives to keep the game and sport strong here in our State. The sport is in a very special state here in our State, and we will make it our mission to ensure that it continues to grow and reach as many people as possible.

For those yearning more from our brand of Wiffle®Ball, we will be waiting for you all in the spring of 2023. In the meantime, find your backyard groups or distant friends, get a ball and bat, and let the magic of this game do its thing. I know I will, yearning for great Wiffs memories to come in the years ahead. Stay strong everyone!

Best regards,

Benjamin Fiore

Founder, Commissioner, Connecticut Wiffle®Ball League

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