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Answers to All Your Inquiries


Q: When does CTWL take place?

The main CTWL season begins games with preseason-inspired Spring Training games for the first two weeks of May, which is immediately followed by the regular season. The regular season consists of 20 games - 10 2-game series played as doubleheaders - from mid-May to early August, where the postseason crowns the best of the best. Games are generally are held during the mid-late afternoon, and are played primarily on Thursdays, Sundays, and/or Mondays.

The league also offers tournaments throughout the year to allow for players from across New England to get in on the action. Tournaments are held on a Saturday or Sunday, and teams are guaranteed 2-3 games.

Q: Who can participate in the CTWL?

The CTWL is open to all boys 15-23 years old who live in the state of Connecticut. Players must be within the required age range as of May 1st of the year that player is participating in. 

All players must also have little-to-no experience in professional leagues and tournament circuits.

Q: What style of play is used in the CTWL?

The main Pro Series format of the CTWL plays New England-style fast pitch Wiffle®Ball, which includes no speed limit, big barrel bats with limited modifications, no baserunning, and the encouragement of scuffed and/or knifed Wiffle® balls.

Q: What is the cost of playing in the CTWL?

The CTWL charges a small fee to supply teams with uniforms and to offset league expenses. Additional charges may be levied by each team/franchise for additional needs. 

Q: Who helps run the CTWL?

The CTWL is completely operated by young volunteers and Wiffle® enthusiasts, many of which serve as active players in our league. These volunteers are responsible for helping set up fields, run scorebooks, run livestreams of games, maintain our social media accounts and more! 

Q: How is the CTWL funded?

The CTWL is funded by investors within the league's executive board, many of which are principal members of the league.

The league also funds its leagues and events with contributions from donations and monetized sponsorships with partner companies and businesses.

Players within the CTWL are also responsible for some funding within their league registration fees due each season.

Q: Can I become a part of the CTWL?

YES! There are SO MANY ways that you can become part of one of the most prospective Wiffle® leagues out there! Whether you want to play or help build our presence online with content creation - there is an opening for you TODAY!

Visit the Contact Us page or email to reach our team for further information!

Ask away. Click HERE to Contact Us and get the information you need.

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