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Q: When does CTWL take place?

The CTWL begins games in May and continues onward into August, Depending on weather or other possible concerns the season may enter September, but this is very rare and unlikely to occur. Games are generally during the mid-late afternoon, and can occur almost any day of the week.

Q: Who can participate in the CTWL?

The CTWL is open to all boys 15-23 years old who live in the state of Connecticut. Players must be within the required age range as of June 1st of the year that player is participating in. Once a player turns 24 years old at anytime he can no longer participate in the CTWL.

Q: What is the cost of playing in the CTWL?

TThe CTWL charges all players $15 registration fee each season. Additional charges may be levied by each team/franchise for additional needs. 


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