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At the Connecticut  Wiffleball League, it is our mission to offer the most fun, competitive, and immersive experience for everyone involved in our league. This starts with our players and teams and extends to our fans and the entire wiffleball community. In order to continue to develop our league and sustain our offerings, we need to accumulate funds. Our league does ask for a small amount in registration fees from our teams, but this alone does not give us everything we need in order to fulfill our ultimate prod-am wiffling dream.

As a result of this circumstance, we are asking for different sponsors to contribute to help us pay off league expenses. League expenses include, but are not limited to, the following: field building, team uniforms, website fees and our prizes for our championship teams. We are based out of New Haven County, Connecticut with teams in Middlesex and Fairfield Counties. Our goal is to continue to allow teenagers and young adults throughout the state of Connecticut to play a summer sport that allows for fun as well as competition. We have been asking for help to allow players to join with as little cost as possible!




If you have a business and are interested in supporting our league, we have several sponsorship packages available:

Premium Sponsor - $300 USD

  • Company name on at least one team’s official league jersey

  • Physical advertisements at our fields during game events including; signs and posters

  • Company name/logo and compete contact information will be visible on our league website 


Basic Sponsor - $150 USD

  • Company name/logo and compete contact information will be visible on our league website

  • Company will also be highlighted during league videos such as; game live-streams, game highlights, etc. weekly talk shows

Donating Sponsors - Less Than $150 USD

All donations by sponsors less than $150 USD will have their company name placed on our league website showing your support. 












More Options Coming Soon!

Want to customize your own offer? CONTACT US!

What if I want to donate without a company or sponsor affilifation? 

YES...we also allow for personal donations!

All donations made by non-sponsoring companies or individuals will have their name placed on our league website showing your support.









To donate, please click the Paypal "Donate" button below. If you do not want to send an electronic donation then please click HERE to access the physical attachment. Physical donations can be made in either CASH or CHECK, and be mailed out to:


10 Whitney Ridge Terrace, North Haven, CT, 06473

Checks Payable To: Benjamin Fiore

**NOTE: The physical attachment for sponsorship is NOT available at this time. If you are looking for the form then please fill out the "Contact Us" form or send us an email to be notified when the attachment becomes available.**

If you have any questions or problems with the donation or the donation process, please visit our "Contact Us" page and fill out the form, or send us an email: mgmtctwl@gmail.com

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