2021 CT Wiffs Review: Top 10 Teams

Wiffle®Ball is love shared by many people, who play in many different places. In the State where the game was born over 70 years ago, many different leagues brought wiffling action amongst their many teams. 25 teams from Connecticut's major backyards leagues competed in 2021, all with varying levels of success on a personal and team level. Despite every team having its own obstacles, and every league having its own playing formats, we have tried to determine the 10 best teams from this past season.

Before we dive into the list, there a few ground rules that were used in the making of these rankings:

* Teams were selected from known backyard leagues that host games in the State of Connecticut. Active leagues were verified in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to: active social media accounts with post(s)/content pertaining to the 2021 season, active website with updated game scores, standings, statistics, and or article(s); release of season results and/or statistics to the Connecticut Wiffle®Ball League in the event that such results are not publicly available

* All information pulled for these lists were current per each league's statistics databases as of December 30th, 2021

* Data used for these rankings may not be complete, as some leagues included in this list have not made any announcement regarding the completion of their season

* Teams from the Connecticut Wiffle®Ball League are NOT included in these rankings; these rankings are to highlight the best teams from the "backyard" leagues that played in 2021

* Teams are based on, but are not limited to, the following: win-loss record, standings finish, runs for (RF)/runs against (RA), notable win/loss streaks during the season, notable impact player(s), postseason results

With ALL of that out of the way, here are the CT Wiffs Recap Top 10 Teams of 2021!