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2022 CT Wiffs Review: The "All-State" Teams

After a long 2022 season, several players from a number of teams and leagues have put on performances that stand out above the rest. To recognize the best in the State's backyard scene, the CT Wiffs Review has complied a list of "All-State" Wiffle®Ball teams of these great players.

Each created team consisted of three (3) players: one (1) pitcher and two (2) position/outfield players. Players considered for the "All-State" teams were required to meet each of the following requirements:

  • Players must have played at least 50% of their team's total games during the 2022 regular season.

  • Players that pitched a considerable number of innings relative to other players in their respective league during the 2022 regular season were considered for the "All-State" teams as pitchers. Players that did not pitch a considerable number of innings were considered for the "All-State" teams as position/outfield players.

With the requirements listed, let me waste no more time: your 2022 CT Wiffs Review "All-State" Team selections!

"All-State" 1st Team:

P: Artie Cocchia (Demons - SNWL)

OF: Gordon Washburn (Western Warriors - DWBL)

OF: Bryce Morrissette (Big Baller Bombers - GWL)

"All-State" 2nd Team:

P: Sam Donnelly (Coastal Cyclones - DWBL)

OF: Kam Walker (Benchwarmers - SNWL)

OF: Stephen Arduino (Asgardians - SNWL)

"All-State" 3rd Team:

P: Joe Druin (Asgardians - SNWL)

OF: Simeon Doll (ShacTown Wiffle Ball - DWBL)

OF: Brian Ehlers (Asgardians - SNWL)


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