How the Madison Risers Have Been Able to Get Off to a Hot Start

A quarter of the way through the season, and the Risers remain unbeaten at 5-0. The key to their success has been simple; hit the ball. With an astounding 89 runs scored through 5 games, they are averaging just under 18 runs per game. Due to the unstoppable hitting, not a single Risers game has made it past the 3rd inning due to mercy rules.

The twin brothers Matt and Zach Cifarelli have provided the power early on in the season. Zach has a league-leading 6 HRs, with Matt following closely behind with 3 HRs of his own. These are not Solo HRS either; Luke Owen and Trey Doktorski seem to always be on base. Doktorski boasts a league-leading 17 walks through 34 plate appearances and an OBP of .706. Owen, on the other hand, leads the league in singles and has a .727 OBP. With arguably their best hitter, Mac Messier, returning from his absence, we should only see this offense produce even more in the future.

Other factors such as the stellar pitching from Zach Cifarelli and the key absences of opposing players in each matchup so far have benefitted the Risers immensely. However, there is no dispute that they are the most lethal offense in the league at the moment.

The Risers will look to keep their bats hot in their upcoming matchup against the Augerville Defenders on June 24th.