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Rocky Hill Rage Depart CTWL; Team Disbands After One Season

The inclusion of the Town of Rocky Hill in the competitive Wiffle®Ball landscape has unfortunately met is end. As of December 8th, 2021, the Rocky Hill Rage failed to reach a membership extension for Club, ending their tenure in the Connecticut Wiffle®Ball League after just one season.

The Rage were added as a last-second expansion team in March 2021, following the sudden banning of the Ridge Hill Retrievers. Founded by Antonio Milardo, the team served to continue the CTWL's participation in Middlesex County after the Portland Trail Wifflers. In their inaugural and only season in the league, the Rage finished with an 8-11 record, finishing one game out of a berth to the Pro League World Series. The team started out its season well, winning 8 of their first 13 games, but failed to keep their momentum at the end of season. The lack of momentum as noted by the league, was much of the reason that the team failed to be maintained for the 2022 season.

"Given considerable instances of attendance issues and poor scheduling, the Rage did not feel like a team and town we could back in the long-term", commented CTWL commissioner Ben Fiore. "We want to get the game out to as many areas and cultures as possible, but we want to feel confident about the places we invest our league's efforts into. The prospect [of playing in Rocky Hill] looked great from the start, but the high number of forfeits and lack of consistent attendance from the team's roster made it hard to come to easy terms."

Fiore would go onto comment that the league still has interest to find another team in the Middlesex County region. Rage founder Antonio Milardo is yet to give further comment on the team's departure.


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